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Stone Grinding for the Easternís, CSM and Gatineau Loppet
By:  Gatineau Nordique Sport   (2011/01/28)


This year for the first time, the Easternís and the Ski Marathon are on the same weekend. I expect that I am going to be busy. The schedule that I will be following for that week is listed below.

Stone Grinding Schedule for Easternís and the Canadian Ski Marathon

  • The skis that I receive from Greg Christieís and Fresh Air Experience on Monday, Feb. 7, noon time, will be ground, waxed and returned to the stores by Thursday, Feb. 10 at 5:00pm.

  • Skis that I receive from people out of town by Tuesday, Feb. 8, will be ground, waxed and ready for pick up by Thursday, Feb. 10, at 5:00 pm to enable people to use these skis for the Easternís.

  • I will grind a limited number of skis on the Friday and Saturday of the race weekend.

  • After the races, people can drop off skis to be ground throughout the weekend at either of the stores or at GNS. These skis will be ground and ready for delivery on Friday, Feb. 18.

Stone Grinding and Waxing Schedule for the Gatineau Loppet

  • The skis that I receive from Greg Christieís and Fresh Air Experience on Monday, Feb.14, noon time, will be ground, waxed and returned to the stores by Thursday Feb. 17 at 5:00pm.

  • For those who want to wax their own skis for the race on Sunday, you will need to get me your skis by 5:00 pm, Thursday, Feb.17. I am only a 4 minute drive from the bakery in beautiful, downtown Old Chelsea, near the Visitor's Centre. I will have your skis ready for pick up at 5:00 pm, Friday, Feb. 18.

  • I will be Race Waxing a limited number of skis for the Skate race on Sunday. The cost will be $160. This cost will include stone grinding, heatbox, CH4, low fluor wax, high fluor wax and high fluor powder if necessary. For grinds, you can choose between a QR1 grind or a specific race day grind. If you choose the QR1 grind and it needs hand structure, I will be at the gymnasium by 7:00 AM to apply the hand structure.

  • For those people who want me to grind and race wax their skis, if possible, get me your skis by Thursday, Feb. 17.

  • Fresh Air Experience will have a booth set up in the gymnasium at Mont Bleu High School. Someone working for me will be there from 4:00 pm till 7:00pm on Friday, to receive skate skis that are to be ground and race waxed for Sundayís race. I will have these skis ready to go in the gymnasium by 7:00 am, Sunday morning.

  • After the races are over, you can drop off your skis at the Fresh Air booth or at Greg Christieís shop in Old Chelsea. I will pick up these skis on the Monday, Feb. 21 and return these skis to the store on Friday, Feb.25.

Good luck to all!
Wayne Johannsen

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