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Holmenkol and XC Ottawa partner to produce a winning combination
By:  Tom McCarthy   (2002/10/10)


Holmenkol and XC Ottawa partner to produce a winning combination

As we train for this coming season, hoping that each morning will yield fall's first frost, we are comforted in knowing that when we do get on snow, we'll be skiing on Europe's finest wax. XC Ottawa and Holmenkol will be working together this year to produce some fast skis and some winning times. Ole Einar Bjorndalen has been skiing on Holmenkol for a number of years.

Holmenkol has a number of strengths in their wax and tool lines. The first is their expertise in classic fluorinated waxes, beginning with the CosmicKick Fluor series, three waxes for snow temperatures of 0C, 0~-4C, and -3~-8C. All of these waxes are designed to work best in wet new snow, where other waxes clump and ice. Holmenkol's CosmicKlister Fluor series is also a promising product, especially their Fluor speed klister for changing snow conditions, from wet to dry. To learn more about their full line of products go to the Holmenkol products page of their Nordic website www.holmenkol.com. To learn how to best use these products Holmenkol has a 'How to Wax' section that is really helpful.

One of their most popular tools is the Tri-Maxx structure tool, which is a rilling tool with three different structures choices. The rill pattern is v-shaped, and always channels moisture to the outside and away from the ski due to its characteristics. Large, medium and fine rills are available.

Keep reading XC Ottawa's website for updates on Holmenkol's products. XC Ottawa will be providing twice monthly reports on the many different Holmenkol products, and giving comparisons to other popular waxes. We'll also be letting you know the winning combinations we used at different races, and which Holmenkol products work best under which conditions.

Holmenkol is distributed through Reliable Racing Supply, which also represents Internova, a maker of race supplies. Holmenkol is looking forward to working with junior racing teams and ski clubs throughout the country. Call them now to have them send you a catalogue and a wax guide to help you choose your winning combination. They can be reached at toll free at 1-800-421-7911, or by email at info@internovamail.com. You can check out their website at www.holmenkol.com, and Reliable Racing Supply's at www.reliableracing.com.

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