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Canada Day Tribute Training Camp.
By:  Karl Saidla   (2011/07/05)


Itís been said around here that life is a training camp. I wonít speculate as to whether or not thatís true, but I will say that training camps donít necessarily have to be long or in an exotic location. Basically, you just have to find a way to keep your tools in the shed and your lawnmower parked.

Somebody declared this weekend a training camp, so we had to follow through. I would have to call it a big success. People would travel a long way to do a training camp in Gatineau Park, but we live right here and can take advantage whenever we want. Hereís my first shot at video documentationÖso I apologize in advance for any imperfection.  Thanks to Megan for knowing how to work the computer!

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