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Try e load for the Keskinada!
By:  Karl Saidla   (2003/02/01)


eloadlogo Has anyone out there ever had one of those miserable experiences in the last 10, or maybe 20k of the Keskinada, where it feels like you are trying to ski forward as fast as possible, but someone has attached thick rubber bands to your arms and legs and is determined to pull you back to towards Champlain Lookout, as if you really need to see the view again? Or maybe the sensation is more like having your quads placed in a vice and then having them repeatedly crushed, perhaps as a form of sadistic pleasure?

While nothing will replace proper training and preparation, e load can help to combat the effects of the sustained effort of the Keskinada, or any other endurance event. What is e load? It is the world's first fully customizable sports drink and electrolyte loader, designed by Dr. Douglas W. Stoddard, a Medical Doctor and Sport Medicine Specialist practicing in Toronto. e load consists of two components. One is the BASE formula, which contains medical grade carbohydrate in the form of dextrose, Rehydration Salts, MultiCitrate, and Vitamin C. The second is sold separately as ZONE CAPS. These contain additional amounts of Rehydration Salts and MultiCitrate. Customization is accomplished by adding ZONE CAPS according to individual requirements.

e load is particularly useful in preventing muscle cramps brought about by dehydration and electrolyte imbalances, as well as sudden losses of energy brought about by low blood-sugar (The infamous BONK!).

Members of XC Ottawa have been using e-load with success for the past two racing seasons, and have been extremely impressed with the product. What is more, the flavour is excellent! One thing is for sure: XC Ottawa will be using e load at the Keskinada this year!

e load is easily available in the Ottawa Gatineau region at both Greg Christie's Ski and Cycleworks and Bushtukah.

For more information about e-load, go to www.eload.net, or call 1-888-606-7511.

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