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Brief Marcialonga Update
By:  Karl Saidla   (2006/01/31)


On Sunday we raced at the what the race announcer referred to as "the grand lady of them all", the Marcialonga. (This race is 70km classic, mostly double poling).

Quite the experience! We arrived with two days to figure things out and organize ourselves, which turned out to be no small task. To begin with it snowed very heavily for two days, making the already slightly crazy Italian driving even crazier. We tried in vain to get a hold of an accurate weather forecast. All we could find out was something like "at higher elevations the temperature will stay about the same, while at lower ones it will increase"

Waxing turned out to be pretty tricky, but we managed to have reasonably good skis, all things considered.

The race itself ! went pretty well. It was alot of fun, and also very hard. I was 55th and Megan was 531 (15th woman). My brother and my dad came as well, and each of them did the full 70km distance and were also happy with how things went.

Right now we are in Austria at our friend Diarmuid's house, which is incredibly nice and has great skiing right from the door. We plan to do some more training and having fun in the Black Forest in Germany starting on Sunday, and then going to the French World Loppet and FIS Marathon Cup, the Transjurasienne.

More to follow, including pictures!

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