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Didn't make it to Bend.
By:  Karl Saidla   (2013/06/06)

While it would appear that a significant percentage of the ski racing population spent part of their month of May skiing in Bend, unfortunately, not all of us can get there (although last year I did manage it somehow: Karl Portland/Bend 2012).

†It is always worthwhile looking on the bright side. Ski training in May can be a lot of fun wherever you are, partly because the exact nature of your workouts are probably less important than they will be a few months from now. This opens up all kinds of possibilities. My impression is that XC Ottawa skiers have been taking advantage of this flexibility. Steffan and Riel, for example, have done quite a few orienteering races. Holly has been skiing near Whitehorse. Liza is in B.C. hiking right now, and Andre and Katie did a lot of walking around important historic sites in Italy.

†My own May activities have been a little less exciting than the ones I just described, but Iíve been enjoying them nonetheless:

I am never sure how to "log" this in my training diary.

The view from a day of a mysterious upper body cross training activity

Some Zone 3 running on Horn Lake Road near Burk's Falls.

Megan - obviously enjoying some early season cycling near Sand Lake.

There are always more roads to explore.....

Impressive fire making skills by Megan's uncle, Hugh McTavish

We've been TRYING to clean up and put away our ski stuff. Time to replenish our supplies of a certain brand of wax.

Of course, real ski training is starting. New team member Matt Brown tries his hand at our "Z3 Loop Time Trial".

Kyla does the same.

I hope that everyone reading this is having a great spring. Stay tuned for an update from Riel concerning the orienteering mentioned earlier. And before I forget, by all means check out Matt Brown's nice work on our revived XC Ottawa Facebook Page

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