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Gatineau Park Road Closure Update
By:  Karl Saidla   (2012/05/29)


Please be advised that there will be parkway closures in Gatineau Park both Saturday and Sunday, weekly, throughout the summer.  All began on May 26, 27.


The "short loop" — P9 to P8 to Mica (intersections of Gatineau & Champlain Parkways) — will be closed from 7:00 to 11:00.  The Doldrums section (P8-P9) will remain closed until 1:00.

Demsis will handled this Saturday's initial closure.  On subsequent Saturdays volunteers from the Ottawa Bicycle Club's youth program, XC Ottawa, Nakkertok and Skinouk will perform the task.


As per our usual luck, Alcatel-Lucent will again sponsor "Sunday Bike Days," which for Gatineau Park users means the entire parkway system will be closed to vehicular traffic from 7:00 to 11:00 each Sunday, May 27 to Sept. 2.  As with Saturdays, the Doldrums will stay open an extra two hours, until 1:00 pm.

Volunteers from Alcatel-Lucent and several other contributing groups will man the closures.  Please let them know how much we appreciate this, if you happen to cross paths with them.

Weekday evening closures:

We have asked the NCC for Tuesday and Wednesday evening closures this year and are awaiting confirmation. We have generous volunteers at the ready: the Ottawa Inline Skating Club for Tuesday evenings and Chelsea Nordiq's John Fahey for Wednesdays.  More to follow soon.

Enjoy the parkways and, in our shared interests of respect for each other, for the Park environment and for safety, please give this a read before you go out:


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