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By:  Team XC Ottawa   (2014/04/15)


XC Ottawa is an elite racing team and our focus is to compete at the highest level in Canada and beyond, as well as to develop up and coming racers to race at that level. The main focus of our racing schedule is the Canada Cup series and the National Championships. We do attend Quebec and Ontario Cups occasionally, but these races are not a major focus for our team. Our practices run throughout the summer (2 times/week), the fall (3 times/week) and winter (2 times/week and on weekends when there are no races). We expect team members to be training specifically for cross country skiing, year round. Our coach, John Suuronen designs training plans with input from the racers and also keeps tabs on us using SportLog.

Being a good skier, however, is only part of the story at XC Ottawa. All members are expected to make a significant contribution to the organization (For example: trip planning, sponsorship relations, website duties, ski community volunteering, etc.)

Please read the following to find out more about the team and what is expected of XC Ottawa skiers...

Application Process..

  • To apply fill out either the English or Francais on-line form. We also suggest that you read the questions then take some time to work on your reply off-line in a Word document so you can edit it. When you are ready to submit, copy and paste your answers into the form.

  • Applications are due by midnight Sunday May 4th, 2014

  • When you submit your application a copy will be emailed to you. Make sure you have a copy, otherwise the application didn't work.

  • If you have problems with this process, please contact us.

  • The team is selected by a committee including one outside representative from the Ottawa ski community, two current team members, and the XC Ottawa Head Coach, John Suuronen.

  • All applications will be very carefully considered.

  • You will be contacted about a decision the second week of May.

  • An announcement of the new team will be made on the website in early May once we've heard back from all applicants.

Should you have more questions, please feel free to contact info@xcottawa.ca.

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