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Vuokatti Early Season Skiing Loop: Virtual Tour
By:  Karl Saidla   (2014/10/23)


About a week ago Karl and Megan (who are living in Helsinki this fall), made a trip to Vuokatti with Karl's parents which served as a family vacation and training camp for all involved.

Megan took the following pictures and video "virtual tour" of one complete lap of the loop. We sped up the video to make it a bit shorter to watch (1.5 speed) and also to make Karl look faster! The "loop" includes skiing to the end of the ski tunnel (1.25km) and then around the roughly 2 km outdoor loop, and then back through the tunnel. The 2km outdoor loop was extended to about 2.5 the day after we shot the video, with the additional section consisting of a very big climb and challenging downhill. In any case, it is a a very impressive facility (in fact, a bit hard to believe). This means that one complete loop of this system would give you about 6km of skiing.

In addition to the video, we have included a few pictures.

Karl and his dad at the start of the tunnel

Big pile of snow!!

Megan and Karl's dad on the outdoor loop

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