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Big Foot Applies Again
By:     (2011/04/29)

Applicant........... Bigfoot

Email............... stink.ape@gmail.com

Date................ 2011/04/21 - 20:17:59

Uniform Sizing......  Height: 2.1 m, Weight: So much heavy right now.

Contact info........  Tel:n/a
                     Mail: n/a

Alt. contact info...
You no have twitter yet? Follow me now: http://twitter.com/#!/hellobigfoot

** Answer #1 **

Cross country season come and go, every year. One thing not change:
Bigfoot bring it. Do mostly time trial and coach-self. In nutshell:
exactly zero other people pass Bigfoot on any given day skiing. You
not see me because you blink.

** Answer #2 **

Important change to Bigfoot life this year: me finally return to high
school to finish diploma. Expect Bigfoot stomp entire senior boys
field in cross country run this fall. How cute you now in fancy
singlet, skinny boy?

** Answer #3 **

Short term: Cut down on eat high cholesterol forest rodents, get back
to race shape and qualify for OFSAA.

Medium term: Master new and dextrous technique such as off-set.

Long term: Qualify for national team, win sprint relay Sochi Olympics
(likely with Alex Harvey but me have to say team mate not set in
stone). Also feel pretty confident about scramble leg of relay. Me got

** Answer #4 **

Bigfoot bring size to table. Me rest case.

** Answer #5 **

Bigfoot do what Bigfoot do (second) best (to ski cross-country):
Lurking, and activities associate with lurk.
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