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Nakkertok North is Ready. Are you?
By:  Karl Saidla   (2013/11/06)


Welcome to Nakkertok North! Some old fashioned skiing will be yours for the taking soon. Stay at the upgraded overnight cabin and keep the good times rolling all weekend!

We were instructed to wear fluorescent clothing so as to improve our odds of not being shot by local hunters. Here, Steffan, Mark and Riel pause by the new lower cabin before heading out on the trails.

Megan laces up her steel toes at the picnic table. We enjoyed our lunch and a quick team meeting here.

For those who haven't been to North since the new cabin was built near the parking lot, here is an imperfect picture. Trust us, though, it's very nice and will be very convenient this winter. It's got a new coat of paint inside, picnic tables, and blazing wood stove.

Nakkertok North volunteer John Stephenson giving us some useful instructions on how to use the loppers to cut overhanging branches.

Crossing the creek on trail 15 and obviously eager to get to work.

These yellow and orange signs are unmistakably Nakkertok. This is good because you don't want to wander accidentally into the local hunting territory.

Looking back toward the field that will undoubtedly be full of Jackrabbits this winter.

A lone veteran woodsman returns for his lunch - Riel Allain.

Megan is modest about her trail clearing prowess. Steffan is a little less modest.

Mark and Andre sizing up the last project of the day. They did eventually figure out how to get this culvert from the old cabin down to the field without mechanical assistance.

Katie, Andre and Peter were in charge of this fire. They insist that there was a real reason for this and that they were not just roasting sausages all afternoon while the rest of us worked.

A long and satisfying day comes to an end. Hope to see you all out at Nakkertok North sometime this winter.

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