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Eload/Emend XCOttawa Duathlon Team Relay - On and Benind the Scene
By:  Karl Saidla   (2013/01/22)


Today was the E Load/E Mend XC Ottawa Duathlon Relay. The title is a bit of a mouthful, but boy, did we have a great time helping, watching, and racing. Big thanks to Race Director Matthias Purdon who called his shots and then drained them, to all our fantastic volunteers, and everyone from Nakkertok, and to long-time title sponsors and supporters E load and Fresh Air Experience. We would also especially like to thank Dave Adams for his grooming work in some very challenging weather conditions.

Colourful mayhem in the tag zone. Good thing someone bought a lot of relay specific race bibs for the Junior Nationals at Fortune in '95.

One small division of the Nakkertok children's army.

Race Director Matthias...hands on work...totally inappropriate footwear for a race director.

There were lots of kids from Foothills here for an exchange program with Nakkertok. Great to have them!

Don't ask us why we left tracks in the skate only finish area. Nobody let it bother them.

I think maybe we should call this Holmenkollen Corner...it's the closest thing we have in terms of spectator density.

More action at Holmenkollen Corner.

Kevin Gibb is one of our longest serving and most dedicated volunteers. Thanks Kevin!

Finish line team...thanks guys!

Kyla with her stopwatch. Do you think this was impromptu or posed?

Marchand-McMahon: Team Danger.

The wall of E Load.

Thanks again to E Load Sports Nutrition for their support of this race and of XC Ottawa.
These guys helped me out with an important race day task so I payed them in E Load Gel. They seemed happy with the arrangement.

Liza Rozina re-fuels as the sun comes out.

He looks like he knows how to drive this machine...but Megan told me that earlier on the day she found herself sitting on the back, going backwards towards the bush with no driver on board...

Outdoor night club.....maybe an idea for that ice castle hotel thing in Quebec?

Lee Hawkings and some people with ridiculous pom poms.

The author with his relay partner--Jesse Godson. These are the only two people who raced today who also raced in the Junior Boys' category on the Ontario Cup Circuit in 1994.
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