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Sheila Kealey

What I do when I'm not skiing?

Health promotion research & communications
Maintain website with evidence-based health, nutrition, & sports nutrition information
Cooking and baking . . . I love creating new recipes!
Volunteer xc ski coach at Nakkertok Nordic

Skiing highlights/accomplishments?

Gatineau Loppet winner 2009 (skate) & 2010 (classic)
NorAm top 10's
Winner, Craftsbury 25k classic, 2016
2 World Masters xc ski championship medals

Favourite Ottawa-Gatineau Trail?

Burma (trail #3) in Gatineau Park; Eastern Canadian Champs 5k course (Nakkertok)

Favourite Race?

Eastern Canadian Championships at Nakkertok; Gatineau Loppet 50k classic or skate

Favourite Workout?

Hill repeats - any hill really, but Gatineau Park’s Penguin hill or the climb from P12 are the longest and most scenic!

Personal Sponsors/Supporters?

Rossignol skis, boots, and bindings
Exel poles

Racing Goals for this Season?

Top 10 results at NorAM events
Top 3 at Gatineau Loppet
Top 10 in the American Birkibeiner

Social Media?

I write and share information about nutrition, health, and physical activity on:
Website: www.sheilakealey.com
Twitter: twitter.com/skeila
Instagram: www.instagram.com/sheilakealey/

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