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The Keskinada Archives
By:  Sheila Kealey   (2006/02/09)


The Keski has long been Canada’s largest cross-country ski event and the only race on many skiers' schedules. Given the importance of this race for many, we’ve dug through our archives for some helpful race strategies, nutrition tips, and training advice.

We’ve also included a retrospective of race previews, and results from earlier years. We’re hoping to update this with more information, and would like to expand on the 2006 edition of the Keski by inviting race reports from our readers.

First, a bit of history . . .

The race was conceived in 1978 in the Lachute region, over 100km northeast of its current location. At that time the race was named "Riviere Rouge" for the Red River of the same region. Over time the race grew in popularity until the point where the venue was no longer sufficient for the number of participants. For that reason in 1982 the course was relocated to the Gatineau park. It was renamed the "Gatineau 55" for the park that it was held within and the 55km distance that it covered. In 1996 the race was once again renamed in order to better reflect the multiple distances and techniques of the various events held on the race weekend.
At this time the new name "Keskinada" was developed with KE representing Quebec, SKI for cross-country skiing, and NADA for Canada.
(from Steve Bursey's article)


Cold Weather Waxing

Warmup Routine for Long Distance Races

Last minute Dos and Don'ts for the Keski

Lee's Workout of the Week - Keski Ready!

eLoad Keskinada Training Tips #1

eLoad Keskinada Training Tip #2

eLoad Keskinada Training Tip #3

Ski your first Keskinada Loppet Some tips to get you started (by Claude Laramee)


Don’t underestimate the importance for nutrition and hydration in long athletic events! Here is some good advice to optimize your race performance, and some entertaining reading from athletes who neglected their nutrition during the Keski.

Beating the Bonk
A cross-country skier's dynamic glide turns into a sorry shuffle, and fast snow now feels like molasses; a runner's stride becomes a walk; and any blip of a hill looks like Mount Everest. What exactly is going on when your muscles and brain scream "no more"? Is this a situation you can avoid? Yes! if you follow the recommendations in the article

Bonk Series: 2004 Keskinada - By: Ed McCarthy

Bonk Series: 2002 Keskinada By: Megan McTavish

Try e load for the Keskinada! By: Karl Saidla


The 28th annual Keski will take place from the 17th to the 19th of February 2006. This year's edition will feature a new course for some of the events. Be sure to check www.keskinada.com for updates on this year’s event.

Who's Racing This Year? (Bib number and Seeding Lists by race)

What wax should I use???

Check www.xcottawa.ca next Thursday or Friday for waxing recommendations for the weekend races.

New Courses for the Keskinada?
An Interview with Claude Laramee

Sponsor Sheila for the Keskinada and support the Bone Marrow Transplant Fund


We'd like to expand on this section (especially the earlier years. . . ), so let us know if you have anything to contribute!

******* 2005 ********

Conditions: Bitter cold!
Results: http://www.sportstats.ca/res2005/feb2005.htm

2005 Keski Preview By: Karl Saidla

Rezac 6 for 6 at Keskinada Worldloppet! By: Karl Saidla

Ski Moms & Keski Dads Series

KeskiDads - My Winter Challenge: 20th Edition By: Toni Saidla

KeskiDads - My 3rd (and fastest) 25km Classic By: Randy Storey

KeskiDads - My 50 Before 60 By: Stuart McTavish

KeskiDads - My 50km Keski By: Jim McCarthy


Conditions: Bitter Cold
RESULTS: http://www.sportstats.ca/res2004/feb2004.htm

Keskinada 2004 News By: Craig Storey


Conditions: Bitter Cold

RESULTS: http://www.sportstats.ca/res2003/feb2003.htm

Race Preview: Keski 2003 is coming! by Steve Bursey

Race Report: 2003 Keski 50km Classic (XCOttawa.ca's Yurich 3rd!) By: Chad Yurich


Conditions – slow, sluggish – 10cm new snow, ungroomed!

RESULTS: http://www.sportstats.ca/res2002/feb2002.htm

2002 Keskinada 50k skate summary By: Karl Saidla

2002 Keskinada 50k Media Clippings By: Karl Saidla  


Conditions: cold - old thawed/frozen snow – fast.
RESULTS: http://www.sportstats.ca/res2001/feb2001.htm


RESULTS: http://www.sportstats.ca/res2000/feb2000.htm


RESULTS: http://www.sportstats.ca/res1999/feb99.htm

Across the Disappearing Finish Line (includes 1999 Keskinada)
Searching for the keys to endurance, a ski racer pushes his body and heart to the limit—until his father\'s sudden illness changes all the rules

By Bill McKibben (Outside Magazine)


Ice storm year – race shortened to 42 km.
RESULTS: http://www.sportstats.ca/res1998/feb98.htm


RESULTS: http://www.sportstats.ca/res1997/feb97.htm

Interesting Reading. . .
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