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Megan McTavish

Megan McTavish. A founding member of team XCOttawa. World Cup racer, 2008 and 2012. Winner of the Gatineau Loppet, 2010 and 2013. Patent examiner. Part Cyborg?

As many folk in the Ottawa area can attest to, Megan is a staple in the cross country skiing community. Showing us all how it’s done, Megan has had stellar performances in almost every type of event. She likes to refer to herself as an “all-rounder” but does particularly enjoy rolling middle distance courses. On top of the previous mentioned results, in 2012 Megan finished 6th overall at the Eastern NorAm mini tour, 5th in the Mont Orford 5km classic NorAm and 6th at the FIS Crafstbury Vermont 5km skate race.

Getting to know Megan over the past few years, I have discovered three things:

1. She is fast. Very fast.
2. She is extremely accident prone. (Megan has actually had surgery on both ankles, one knee and one shoulder, hence; cyborg.)
3. Her wealth of experience and knowledge is irreplaceable so soak it up. Chances are Megan has been there/done that.

When she takes off her blue spandex and red jacket, with her Master’s in Mechanical Engineering, Megan works as a full time patent examiner.

Megan has personal sponsorship by Alpina and Infinity. She’s also very happy to have great relationships with Caldwell Sport and Gatineau Nordique Sport for ski selection and stone grinding.

HometownWaterloo, Ontario
Personal Sponsors:Alpina, Rottefella, Infinity and Caldwell Sports
Best Results: 10th, 15km Pursuit, World Championship Trials, 2011
1st, 53km Skate, Gatineau Loppet, 2010
6th, 10km Skate, US FIS race, Stowe VT, 2010
1st, 10km Skate, Eastern Canadian Championships, Gatineau QC, 2009
7th Canadian overall, National Championships, Duntroon ON, 2009
Performance Goals: Top 6 finishes at major Canada Cups
Top 3 at Gatineau Loppet
Top 5 result at Canadian Championships
Other Pursuits:Examining Patent Applications.
Classic:V2 920

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