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Megan McTavish

What I do when I'm not skiing?

Working as a Patent Examiner - Canadian Intellectual Property Office
Being “Maman”
XC Ottawa treasurer and founding member

Skiing highlights/accomplishments?

Member of World Cup teams for Canadian World Cups 2010, 2012
World University Games 2001, 2003
Winner Gatineau Loppet 2010, 2013
Winner, Craftsbury marathon (50k classic) 2016

Favourite Ottawa-Gatineau Trail?

Frank's (17) and Highland (8) - Gatineau Park

Favourite Race?

Gatineau Loppet 50km classic (point to point course); 10km skate (Lappe and Nakkertok are favourite courses)

Favourite Workout?

Long skis on single track trails; short intervals with a group on race courses; trail running

Personal Sponsors/Supporters?

Caldwell Sport

Racing Goals for this Season?

Get to the start line (and finish line...preferably quickly) at:
- Eastern Canadian Championships, Nakkertok
- Gatineau Loppet 51k classic
- American Birkebeiner 50k skate

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