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Power and Kealey Dominate the JSXCRSC season finale, Saidla Struggles.
By:  Megan McTavish   (2011/11/21)


XC Ottawa’s Kyle Power and Sheila Kealey couldn’t have asked for a better end to the JSXCRSC (John Suuronen’s XCOttawa Roller Ski Cup) season. Ten men and eleven women toed the line, and the battle was unrelenting from start to finish.


Kyle Power - stock photo by XCZone.tv

On the men’s side, Power, hailing from the far North in Labrador City, showed the rest of the competitors that he will be a force to be reckoned with this winter.

"Today was hawful good by'!" said the talented Canuck who is called "the HULK" by those who know him. "I went in with solid focus, looking for a redemption run on the previous TT where things weren't so hot for me. I felt I had the "jam" today per say and I think I edged out my competitors with the scoff of poutine I had at last night’s basketball game - it was some shockin' good." Power also shared with this reporter his secret to his success this past weekend, "I had a tactical race plan in mind but at 250-meters, I threw it out the window and went for broke - sometimes it just works and I be lying if I wasn't a little surprised with my result today!" Power also has high hopes for the future "I feel very confident going into next weeks possible TT at Foret Montmorency. Best of all I can feel the fear in Andreezy's voice. It will be good to finally hit snow and ditch the rollerskis!"

Masham’s own Andre Marchand also killed it on course and crossed the line to capture the second spot on the prestigious podium. "The form was good, felt strong the whole way." says Marchand in his usual serious tone. "There is still time before the on-snow races, we're just working out the final kinks before the snow flies. It's good to know that the form is there and I definitely had more to give for the real deal. Everything is coming together, next stop, Foret Mont Morency."

Carleton University’s Nansen Weber rounded out the podium today with his first medal of the JSXCRSC series.

XC Ottawa superstar veteran Karl Saidla, on the other hand, struggled to find his form causing him some concern for the upcoming season. "Clearly, I've got some thinking to do about how to get back in the game before the mini-tour at Montmorency next weekend." Saidla ponders. "I've had great sensations and feedback in all my striding sessions on Penguin, but I'm obviously having trouble transferring that to on-pavement speed. I'm confident some more on-pavement training over the next few weeks will give me what I need to podium at the Boxing Day Burnoff, which is one of my A goals for this year."

Full Results:

Men’s 10km Skate, Individual Start

1. Kyle 25:09

2. Andre 25:48

3. Nansen 26:16

4. Lee 26:25

5. Peter 26:38

6. Karl 27:29

7. Logan 28:37

8. Matt 28:57

9. Nick 30:02

10. Devan 30:46


Sheila Kealey - stock photo

On the women’s side Sheila Kealey continued her domination of the JSXCRSC series scooping up the final gold medal making her record 5 for 5. Watch out Bjorgen!

Always humble, Kealey commented "It was a fun championships with solid competition and great conditions. The prizes were exceptional (high end wax from 1995) which gave me extra motivation to go out there and take the win. I am psyched with my performance and looking forward to my first on snow races in Silverstar in 3 weeks!"  She has opted out of the team’s first on snow competition next weekend to prepare herself for Canada Cup action in Silverstar and we wish her luck.

Her arch rival Megan McTavish took the silver medal while Carleton/Nakkertok’s Anna Crawford rounded out the podium for the bronze. After spending all of October on a boat in the Arctic, Crawford fought off her sea legs and persevered to a strong finish.

The battle for 4th and 5th was something to be seen with Katie McMahon and Ingrid Hagberg challenging each other over and over again, neither one able to break the other up the final demanding climb. "I went into this race with my arch nemesis Ingrid Hagberg starting 30seconds behind me. She caught me at the 5km mark, but I held on for what was to become an epic battle to the finish. We hammered up that last climb as if our lives depended on it, neither one of us able to drop the other. In the last 50m I managed to sprint past my evil twin with some killer drop skate. Ingrid held on to her 29second lead to beat me into 4th place, but I celebrated my small consolation victory with a smile." said McMahon. Hagberg agrees "I'm really lucky to have a great friend like Katie, who always enjoys putting me through extreme amounts of pain near the end of the race. After all, the best part about racing is causing your friends to suffer, right?"

Full Results:

Women’s 10km Skate, Individual Start

1. Sheila 29:57

2. Megan 30:22

3. Anna C. 31:35

4. Ingrid 32:28

5. Katie 32:57

6. Kyla 33:00

7. Holly 33:20

8. Anna 33:55

9. Monica 34:37

10. Liza 36:40

11. Bella 42:35

The XC Ottawa squad will now head to Le Foret Montmorency for a volume block as well as to toe the line at the on snow season opener.

Power adds "Congrats to all my fellow teammates on a hard effort today. I would also like to take this time to thank my supporters and followers. As well, I am currently seeking a chocolate wafer sponsorship, feel free to contact me at anytime."


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