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2006 Canmore NorAM - Mass Start Skate
By:  Megan McTavish   (2006/12/03)


Today was the final race of the Western NorAm series (Silver Star and Canmore). It was a 10km mass start for the women and 15km for the men. Again the course was challenging with lots of climbing but at least this time you didn't have to worry about grip! I had a good start and headed up the first hill at the back of the lead group (about 11 people). I fell back a little near the top not wanting to blow up on the first lap and skied most of the race with Kate Brennan, Magi Scallion and Perianne Jones.

On our last lap we could see a group ahead of us and the group split up a bit. Kate put the hammer down on the last hill and caught Shayla Swanson for 11th position. I ended up in a sprint finish with Shayla and Magi for 12th to 14th (I was 13th...11th Canadian). It was a solid race on a hard course so I am pleased (not quite as pleased as yesterday but pleased nonetheless). Brittany Webster domintated the field to finish in first just 11 seconds ahead of Brooke Gosling who had a tremendous race! Following Brooke were the two Americans and then Tasha Betcherman as the third Canadian.

In the men's race there was a pack sprint to the finish full of National team suits and one American, Lars Flora. Dave Nighbor won the sprint finish with Drew Goldsack, Chris Jeffries, Dan Roycroft and Alex Harvey close behind.

Results at zone4.ca

The leaders Amanda Amar, Brooke Gosling and Brittany Webster.

XCOttawa Alumni Eva Szabo looking strong.

Megan skating well and looking relaxed.

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