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Thanksgiving Weekend Canoe Trip
By:  Megan McTavish   (2008/10/13)


Happy Thanksgiving! Hope everyone had a great weekend.

The weather in Ottawa was great, sort of an Indian Summer with highs of 18-20 and lows of 5-10. Karl and I decided at the last minute to go on a mini canoe trip on Sunday and Monday after spending Saturday doing our rollerski intervals and having the family Thanksgiving meal Saturday night. Since it was the end of an easy week of training and we didn't have to go to work on Monday, it seemed like the perfect chance to get out in our canoe (which was given to us last summer by a big group of our friends!) We had been planning on going on a trip all summer but we ended up being so busy that our plans kept getting pushed aside.

What we learned this weekend was:

  • Fall canoe trips can be GREAT! The weather was warmer this weekend than it was on the trip we did with Andrew Wynd and his girlfriend Vic last July 1st. However, the weather could have just as easily been terrible so fall trips should be flexible :)

  • There are lots of places to go on spur of the moment trips only 2 hours from Ottawa. We went to 31 Mile Lake which is not a park so there is no registration or booking of sites necessary. It was beautiful and extremely quiet. There are also no designated camp sites, so you can just camp wherever you want. Usually if a spot looks good, you will find that someone else thought so too and there is already a fire pit awaiting you.

  • Going canoeing is a perfect way to "get away from it all". There is literally nothing to do once you finish canoeing for the day other than eat and sleep. How often does that happen at home?

Here are some pictures of our adventure:

Karl paddling

Me cooking calzones for dinner (very yummy!)

Breakfast time!

La Grosse Loge (This hill actually has a name because it is visible from far away)

Nice view

Lunch time break

View from our lunch spot
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