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Early June Update
By:  Matthias Purdon   (2009/06/04)


Hi everyone, hope you have all been having a good spring. Lately I have been working at getting better at some summer sports and building up base ski training. Running, road/mountain biking, strength workouts, paddling, tire pulling, and roller skiing have all gotten underway.

I have also been working as a tree planter for the conservation authority here in town which has been fun but made training a bit harder as I usually am tired after working. Thankfully I won’t be continuing this job now that all the trees are planted so I can rest up before I go out west to coach sailing.

After feeling pretty burned out when I returned home from school, the last three weeks I have been feeling good and getting good training hours in. I am looking forward to the OWL training camp next weekend and I will let you know how things go on Vancouver Island...it should be nice.

Here is a synopsis of my training last week. It might be a good template for a higher/medium volume week in the early summer especially for those of you who work longer hours during the week but get the weekends off.


Mountain bike ride (Zone 1 and 2): 1.5 hours


Road Time Trial with the Cycling Club: 34 minutes zone 3/4, 80 minutes zone 1, 10 minutes zone 2


Gym workout (focus on legs and core/abs): 1hour + 15min run for warm up


Easy Run: 40min


Paddle and Tire Pulling: 20min Paddle, 10min zone 1 run, 15min zone 2 run (with poles), 19min tire pulling up hill zone 3/4.


Road Ride: 4.5hours zone 1


Roller ski, skate: 50min zone 1, 20min sprints

Note - One more hour of strength/core work would be ideal for this time of year.

Here are some photos of Erin and I paddling to the hill where we do tire pulling once a week. The “Harrison Park hill” is legendary for tobogganing in Owen Sound... steep and fast.

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