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By:  Megan McTavish   (2009/09/26)

TAKE 2 September 20th, 2009 - Note: the director has requested a second TAKE of the scene of Megan dislocating her shoulder.  The actress has recovered from TAKE 1 (see My Bad/Good Luck Day!) which occurred exactly 6 weeks previously, and is ready for TAKE 2.  The reason for the second take is a change of scenery and the added drama of Megan being all alone.


Megan is out rollerskiing on a bike path in Gatineau Park, training for the upcoming season.  It is 5:47pm on Sunday evening.  Megan is enjoying her ski and is thinking about the great meal she has planned for a romantic post-training evening with the character of Karl - her husband on the show.  Megan is carefully navigating a downhill on the path. There are some cyclists ahead of her and they are going really slow.  It appears that one of them has a flat tire.  Megan slows right down to almost a stop to give them some time to get out of the way before she continues down the hill. 

Enter Villian, AKA a pebble:

The Villian sees its opportunity and lodges itself in the wheel of Megan's rollerski.  The rollerski comes to a sudden halt, throwing Megan off balance.  Megan gracefully tumbles to the ground.  Upon getting up, she quickly realizes that her shoulder is dislocated (AGAIN!). Disgusted and angry, Megan removes the Villain from the rollerski wheel, and tosses him violently with her good arm into the forest of Gatineau Park. She curses loudly in a high-pitched voice.

Enter Good Samaritans:

The Good Samaritans, out for a hike and scenic drive home down the parkway, stop their car as Megan waves them down.  They take good care of her and help her find Karl (who was at the other end of the path doing intervals), they send him home to get her health card, and escort Megan to the Hull Hospital.  Megan scolds herself and realizes that cell phones and health cards might be good things to have on you while training alone - especially if you are accident prone!

Megan and Good Samaritans enter Hospital:

They bypass the ER waiting room due to Megan's APE walk, which communicates without words the nature of the injury and the level of pain to the nurse.  After some painful waiting while answering questions, Megan leaves the Good Samaritans, who wait in the lobby for Karl, and heads in to get her shoulder relocated.  After what feels like a really long time for Megan, (but the audience is made to understand is really just a couple of minutes), Megan is finally relieved of her pain by a shot of morphine which results in her losing consciousness and ceasing to breathe, thus increasing the drama.  The nurses step in to restore respiration and after some struggle the doctor is able to relocate her now more relaxed shoulder.

Karl enters with Health Card:

The drama is over, Karl comes in to pick up Megan and take her home.  Megan is made to understand that the next 6 weeks will consist of therapy with the character of Nadine, an athletic therapist at Carleton University, a gradual introduction of the arm into training, and will require lots of patience.  There are 12 weeks from the injury date until the first Canada Cups.  She is hopeful that this will be enough time to recover from the injury. 

Dinner that night is fried eggs and toast.

This ends the episode, leaving the audience anticipating the future outcome of Megan's struggles...
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