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Megan McTavish - Midget Racer
By:  Megan McTavish   (2011/09/29)


I just came across a journal that I wrote in during the winter that I was 13. I found it both amusing and interesting so I thought I’d share some of my thoughts from racing in the midget category. I would say that this captures a lot of what I still like about skiing – travelling, hanging out with good friends and how challenging the sport can be (waxing, staying upright…) which results in both bad days and great days, sometimes on the same weekend…making the great days even better!

Dec. 28 (my first big trip to a ski race)

“On Friday Dec. 28 we got up and packed. At 9:00 we said goodbye to Nanny and Grandpa. We then drove and drove for 6 hrs. Finally we arrived in Deep River at 3:00pm. We checked in the motel and then Kelly, Stephan and I went out to preski our course with Don. That night we had Chinese Food.” 

“We got up at 7:00am to wax our skis. It was a freestyle race. When we got there we skied the course and then did warmups. I raced at 10:28 and Tanya at 10:26. I passed Tanya halfway through. I had a really good race. My time was 18:22. Kelly’s was 18:10 and Tanya’s was 20:26. We then skied 3km as a cool down. After we went to the arena for free lunch. Tanya, Tina, Kelly and I then looked around downtown and bought some granola bars and gummie bears.”

Dec. 29

“Today we got up at 7:30 to wax our skis. Today was a classical race. At 9:15 we went to the course and got klister on. I only had time to ski three km before the men’s races started. I raced at 11:45. I had an O.K. race but not real good. At the start a girl passed me then I passed her then she passed me then I passed her then she passed me.”

Jan. 5

“Today we went to Minto Glen for the club championships. Becky didn’t come so I raced against Kelly, Lori, Tanya, Tina and Andrea. The classic race I almost caught Lori but then I fell and she beat me by 7 secs. The second race Kelly started first then Lori 17 secs after then me 7 secs after her and so on. Lori caught Kelly in skating. She won the champs. I got my new boots and skis. After we drove straight to Jackrabbits I learned how to do an elementary christy.”

Jan. 7

“Our first broomball tryout is tomorrow morning. I really want to make the team!”

Jan. 12

“Today I went to a ski race in Orangeville. Kelly and Dad were in the Soo and Jamie was at Cub Camp. I had a really good race, I really felt good at the end. I came in 1st against Karla Mika and some BOYS!!!”

Jan. 19

“Today we had a time trial at Laurel. I was in the lead, and I lost Tanya halfway through, I passed Judy and almost caught Eva. My time was 9:30. Afterwards we skied on the lake, it was COOL!!!! Later at Jackrabbits I learned how to do a glide christy.”

Jan. 31

“Boy, things sure have been busy lately, on the 27th I had a ski race in Udorah. I came 3rd and my time was 9:00 mins. I also made it to the Ontario Winter games. Wow!”

Feb. 3

“Today and yesterday we had ski races. Yesterday was at Wildwood and was 15km. I did the classic and came in second with a time of 1:07:16. Kelly came first. I almost died skiing it. I won a Wildwood sweatshirt. Today we went to Duntroon. I did 2km and Kelly did 6km. There was a killer hill in it.”

March 21

“I have skied 320.5km this winter…”

April 1

“This past weekend we went to Timmins. We saw our old house. We also went to two ski races. The first was 3km classical, I did awful. I came 2nd last Ugh!! The next day was 5km skating and I came 3rd!!”

 Here are some pictures of me from before and after this particular winter. For some reason I don’t have any from that year.

 My sister (Kelly) and I skiing at our house in Timmins

My ski club (Waterloo Region Nordic) after a race at Wye Marsh

Me racing at Wye Marsh

Ready to go out for a training run the next summer
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