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Podiumwear Custom Team Apparel - A Great Choice!
By:  Megan McTavish   (2013/10/01)


Podiumwear Custom Sports Apparel is a custom team clothing company well known for their high quality cross country ski team clothing. If you are looking for new racing suits and/or warm up jackets and pants for your club or racing team, they are the place to go!

Last year Podiumwear Custom Sports Apparel unveiled their Gold Collection for Nordic Skiing and XC Ottawa was one of the first teams to test it out.  We were very pleased with this new line.

The racing suit material (includes Carbon) is strong, comfortable and moves well. The new flat stitching on the suits feels very smooth and it is the most comfortable suit I have worn yet. 

Photo Credit: xczone.tv

The GOLD jackets are also a great fit and feel great in action.  The material is again very strong feeling, cuts the wind and is put together in a way that makes a very functional and attractive, high quality jacket. 

Photo Credit: xczone.tv

Last year Podiumwear also added a thicker, warmer jacket for the coaches, which was put to use by John and Anna.  They include a warmer elastic cuff and bottom sections as well as a warmer material and a special pocket for phones or radios.

This year, Podiumwear has made some sizing tweeks to improve on last year's pattern and also just recently announced the following:

"We have made an improvement to our Gold Nordic Race Suit. We have decided to splice special abrasion-resistant fabric in key places in the suit: the outer thigh area, the sleeve cuffs and shin areas. These are what we consider to be “hot spots” where the suit is likely to come into contact with velcro or to rub against other abrasive surfaces. The fabric at these spots now has higher yarn tensile strength and is higher denier. This means it will be better able to stand up to damage from velcro and other abrasive surfaces. The suit will continue to have all the bells and whistles we introduced last year. It is still fully customizable with our signature 27-panel construction for the ultimate in contour fit and comfort, flat seam construction with 6 thread color options, articulated knees and elbows and our high performance Lillehammer Gold fabric with Carbon thread. The only difference is that we are improving the suit’s durability with the new fabric. Please note that although this suit is “abrasion-resistant”, it is not “abrasion-proof”. Please continue to take special care of your custom apparel."

Photo credit: Ulysse Ramsay (Infinity Poles)

Keep your eye on Podiumwear.com or their facebook page for a second announcement concerning the GOLD line coming soon!

Podiumwear also offers SILVER and BRONZE lines which XC Ottawa has used in the past and has also been extremely pleased with. 

Photo Credit: xczone.tv

The ordering system is fast and easy with their new Team Storefront which allows individual team members to input their order themselves, reducing the workload of team member or parent coordinating your order. 

Finally, check out this awesome video filmed by XCZone.tv last spring featuring team XC Ottawa in our GOLD suits and warmups!

General Information on Podiumwear:

Podiumwear Nordic Collection

Podiumwear is motivated by the notion that clients who want custom apparel deserve better care and better products. 

Each piece of apparel we produce is meticulously designed, custom dyed, hand-cut and sewn in small batches at our own shop in St. Paul, MN.

Our fabrics are rigorously sourced and tested and our patterns are held to the highest standards. We are proud to maintain a level of craftsmanship that is rare in these days of mass production.

Our hands-on approach guarantees that you receive the best products in the fastest possible time, with the lowest minimum order requirements in the industry.

Podiumwear offers something for every team and every body on your team. With over 30 unique custom products across our Gold,Silver and Bronze lines, you are guaranteed to find the right fit, performance and price range for you. Whether your goal is to stand on the podium or just look good next to it, we’ve got you covered.

Team Storefront:

We know that organizing a custom apparel order is not easy. Collecting all your team members’ orders, sizes and payments can feel a bit like herding cats. That’s why we came up with the revolutionary Team Storefront.

Podiumwear’s Team Storefront interface does the work of a team manager by collecting all order, sizing and payment information directly from each team member. No more phone trees, spreadsheets or hounding people for payments. Just one easy email to your team with a link to the Team Storefront is all it takes.

Whew. That’s Minnesota Nice.



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