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How to Commute by Bike to Rollerskiing Practice
By:  Megan McTavish   (2013/07/03)


Karl and Idecided sometime last year that it waspretty ridiculous to drive to P8 for rollerski practice given that it is only about 1.5km from our house. After some trialand error, we have come up with a great system for commuting to practice on bikes with our rollerskis.Here is how:

1.Put the rollerskis, your bike lock, and any other required items (eg. rain coat) in a panier on your bike. Keep in mind that the panier will stay on your bike when you are rollerskiing so you don't want to leave anything valuable in it.

2. Get a bungy cord and attach one hook to one of the bottom bars of your saddle (either in front or behind the seat post), loop around the poles and the top tube, then attach the other hook to the other saddle bar.

3. Attach the top end of the poles to the top tube near the handle bars with a velcro strap. We have found that the best kind of strap to use is a reflective ankle strap (wrapped twice).

4. Since you will be wearing ski boots, a flat pedal is best. We bought these Shimano pedals (one side is flat, the other is spd) at Fresh Air Experience.

5. Karl demonstrates the use of the pedals with ski boots. They work surprisingly well!

6.Ride to P8 down the newly paved Meech Lake road which has an awesome new bike lane. It is most efficient to wear your water belt while riding. One less thing to do when you get there.

7. Upon arrival at P8, quickly remove the poles, skis and lock from the bike.

8. Lock the bike to the stop sign (or any other appropriate spot). Leave the bungy and straps hanging on the bike and the panier on the rack.

9. Put on your skis and poles and go rollerskiing!

Hopefully this will inspire others to leave their car at home when going rollerskiing. Given all the equipment required it can seem like the car is the only way, butnow that wehave a good set up and are organized it probably doesn't take us any longer thanwhen we used to drive. A bonus is that it adds some time to your warm up and cool down if you are searching for minutes to make your hours for the week!

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