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Life at the Cottage
By:  Megan McTavish   (2010/07/09)


My family has owned a cottage on LakeCecebejust north of Muskoka since 1984. The first time we ever went to it, we drove there from Revelstoke B.C.! Now, it is a much shorter trip - between 4.5-5 hours from Ottawa (depending if you stop to eat or not).

The cottage itself is an old log structure on an island, surrounded by other cottages ownedby my variousAunts and Uncles. Intotal there are 9 McTavish cottages. Some people find this a bit overwhelming when they first visit (there can be up to 60 or moreMcTavishs including numerous Bobs in one place) but I love it!

This past weekend was a quiet one in terms of the island population, but it wasfilledwith lots of fun as well asgreat training. There are great running roads, cycling roads, rollerskiing roads (although we chose not to rollerski this trip since I am still recovering from shoulder surgery) numerous boats for paddling and lots of water to play in. Of course, there is always a project on the go as well....either wood chopping, demolition, building something, digging, etc. and a wonderful sauna to end theday with.

Here are some pictures from this past trip to give you a flavour of my "Cottage Life".


Karl at one of the fun destinations for a road bike ride - the "Screaming Heads" by a local art teacher.


Me driving the boat back to the cottage after a great bike ride.


Arriving at the cottage - definitely ON the water!


Working hard at my shoulder physio after a great day at the cottage.


The view from inside.


An evening game of CLUE with the family.


And of course, the nightly sauna!

Ready for another day - Karl puts on his sunscreen.

Ready to run - forgot my hat...so I borrowed one that used to be my Grandpa's!

Karl running down our favourite road for running....Horn Lake Road.

Me out for a run.

After the run, it was strength back at the cottage. This workout was interupted by some wasps and I got stung 4 times, so it was rather exciting!

The project of the weekend was building a bathroom on the back on my Grandparent's old cottage. The old one was "scary". This is my dad and sister.

Another day, anotherbike ride, this was a great road we discovered called Ahmic Lake Rd.

Karl riding on the 124. This is also where we like to rollerski - note the nice wide shoulder.

The bathroom is progressing - Karl, working on his hammering skills.

Afternoon canoe on Lake Cecebe.

Me waiting for my turn in the sail boat!

And, last but not least - lots of swimming!

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