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Sponsor Gavin in his CN Tower Climb
By:  Team XCOttawa   (2006/04/24)


Gavin Hamilton is going to do the WWF CN Tower Climb on Thursday in Toronto. He is collecting pledges through his website for the WWF (World Wildlife Foundation).

In climbing the Tower, Gavin will be helping WWF-Canada strike major blows in the fight against global warming. Together we can put an end to global warming.

Scientists agree that 2005 was the hottest, driest, and stormiest year ever on record. Canadians directly felt the effects of the intense heat, as well as the most smog alert days ever on record - a whopping 48. Most dire though are the affects global warming is having on Canada’s ecosystems: Lakes are drying up, the icecaps are melting, and habitats will inevitably be lost, including our own.

Find out moer about the CN Tower Clinb

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