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Ski XC Fast!
By:  Geoff Tomlinson   (2007/01/24)


Greetings everyone,

Looks like our collective snow dancing had some effect. However, donít stop for a second. We still require more snow for a long and lovely season.

Attached are 4 documents about the NCD SCI XC FAST program. You may know of a school or schools who might be interested in having the opportunity of participating in the SKI XC FAST program. Read the initial announcement.

Please forward these documents to those schools as soon as you are able.

  1. School Promotional Flyer
  2. Reservation Form
  3. Program Options
  4. Equipment Form

Thanks for your assistance


Keep snow dancing!

Geoff Tomlinson
(h) 596 1886
(c) 252 0870

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