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2006 XCOttawa Season Highlights
By:  Team XCOttawa   (2006/04/13)

XC Ottawa had a great year. Some of the highlights of our results and activities are outlined below.


Canada Cup, Vernon: Sheila 8th-skiathlon

Canada Cup/World Cup Trials: Megan 12th –10k classic

World Cup: Karl competes in 2 World Cups

Mid season:

XC Ottawa Time Trial #1: Tom 1st-5k skate, Sheila 1st, 5k skate

Ontario Cup, Hardwood Hills:Linnea 8th-skate sprint, Wayne 9th-10k classic

Canada Cup, Val Cartier: Karl 6th (skiathlon), Sheila 12th-5km classic

XC Ottawa Time Trial #2: Tom 1st-10km classic, Shiela 1st 10k classic

Nakkertok Invitational: Wayne 1st, Sheila 1st.

Coupe Skinouk: Tom 1st, classic, Gavin 1st, skate, Sheila 1st, classic.

Eastern Canadian Championships, Nakkertok: Sheila 12th-5km classic, Ed 13th-pursuit.

Ontario University Championships: Ed 6th-10k classic, Eva 8th-5k skate.

Keskinada: 50k skate: Sheila-4th, Wayne-9th, Andrew-13th, 50k classic: Craig 9th

Keskinada Sprints: Tom 1st

Quebec Sprint Championships: Tom 1st

Mt. Orford Loppet: (30k classic) Sheila 2nd, Ed 5th

Late Season:

Canadian Nationals, Thunder Bay: Tom 10th (sprint), men’s relay-7th, women’s relay-8th

Carleton University Female Athlete of the Year: Eva Szabo

Event Highlights:

Owl Rafting Training Camp: June

Exel Racing Team Training Camp: July

Foret Montmorency Training Camp: November

XC Ottawa Time Trial Series, Nakkertok, December, January

XC Ottawa/Lafleur Ski Days: March, April


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