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That's an Excellent Question: GPS data of Gatineau Loppet routes (Updated!)
By:  Team XC Ottawa   (2017/01/16)


Dear XC Ottawa,

I have been looking for a detailed track in GPX format of Gatineau Loppet (51 km freestyle) to be able to load it on my phone and Garmin but without any success.

Is there any possibility to provide the track of Gatineau Loppet (skating) in GPX format?

Best regards, Gorazd

We don't have it at hand, but surely someone must!

If anyone has information and/or data please send an email to info@xcottawa.ca and we'll share it here. Thanks!

Ah, the power of the internet and a great audience. In no time at all the greater skiing community pulled through.

First from Dave McMahon, www.strava.com/activities/504853062, a Strava entry found by searching "nordic skiing" + "loppet in chelsea". If you search "Gatineau Loppet" there were no entries that matched.. maybe something Strava needs to improve upon.

Then from Jason Urckfitz GFX data from both loppets!


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