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Keski Report #9 - Unique Event.
By:  Mike Caldwell   (2007/02/25)


So after a fun day of manhunting on Saturday, I competed in the 53k Skate Ski at Keskinada on Sunday.

The Keski is truly a unique event. I have travelled all over South American rainforests, France and the rest of western and eastern Europe, but it is only at Keski where I have had the opportunity to stand at a urinal while another gentleman sits right beside me on a toilet.

Definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

I was in the "E" wave and the race started promptly at 9:10am. We skied one 10k loop around Asticou, then travelled up Pink's to the Penguin Parking Lot turnaround. It was 2 way traffic along the Parkways so it was great to see the leaders and my friends racing ahead of me.

Traveling from Penguin we turned right up the Champlain Parkway to the lookout where we turned around and skied back to the start line.

For me the first 45k were fun, but then I got pretty tired and sore for the last 8k. But I crossed the finish line about 15 minutes ahead of my time from 2 years ago. This year I had 76k of training under my belt. Two years ago I had about 30k and borrowed skis.

Inside I met up with Louis, Steve, Sheri and the gang and we headed to the cafeteria for another unique experience. I ordered the "turkey sandwich" and when I got to the table I looked inside the bun to find some form of un-identifiable paste that resembled catfood. It didn't really have any taste but I assumed it must be some form of food or food substitute. So I ate it. If I do this again, I think I might smuggle in a tomato, some lettuce and couple of packs of mayo to add to my sandwich.

But this year, I got the hat! So there's really no point in doing Keski again. However, where else can I ski the Parkway, share a bathroom stall with a complete stranger, and eat a mystery meat sandwich for only $85?????

Oh, I'll be back!

Mike Caldwell

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