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Biking from Orleans to Wakefield
By:  Liza Rozina   (2012/08/24)



Wakefield one of the quaintest little towns that the area of Ottawa-Gatineau has to offer, and if you've never been there, I would highly recommend it. Wakefield is a scenic tourist town with lots of restaurants and little boutiques and shops. It is also the home of the Blacksheep Inn, known for its musical live acts. I would defintely recommend a stop at the Pipolinka bakery, it is always full of cyclists who look like they are on a tour. There are also hiking trails nearby and a covered bridge. The most famous part of Wakefield though, and the reason why my family visits Wakefield every two weeks, is the steam train, that runs from Gatineau to Wakefield in the summer and fall. Even though it did not run this year, it should be back in 2013.  In the winter there is also plenty to do. The Vorlage downhill skiing resort is only about 2km away, and there are also plenty of cross-country skiing trails all around.

The route from Orleans to Wakefield

A great way to get acquainted with this little town, in the summer, is to bike there when you have a day or so, or want to get away for an overnight trip that isn't too far away.  It's about a 40km bike ride from the downtown core, and takes about 3 hours one way.  There are a few different ways to get there, but I biked from Orleans, which adds about another 15km. Here is my route:Orleans_to_Wakefield_1_1_1.jpg 

I don't like cycling in traffic, so to avoid that, I went during a Sunday bike day, when most of the parkways are closed to traffic. To get to Wakefield from Orleans, I followed the bike path along the Ottawa River, got on the Promenade de la Gatineau, and then the highway 105. There are some pretty steep hills on the way, and a risky downhill that takes you right across a railroad crossing on highway 105. So watch out for that one! I also wouldn't bring your best road bike along this route, since there are lots of cracks and potholes to watch out for as well. Also there is a gravel section along the section from downtown to Orleans.

Happy Biking!

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