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Downtown Ski Report #3
By:  Steven Paradine   (2011/02/28)


With the large dump of snow that fell today I decided that it was good for a ski to work. Skiing is much easier and more fun when there is 10cm+ of snow on the ground. So, I took out my old trusty Peltonen's and slipped on my beat up old Alpina boots for a ski to 300 Slater St. from Manor Park. I went with my tried and true glide and grip wax combo for downtown skiing - 25 year old skis rubbed bare. The snow was soft and snow down Beechwood due to the warm weather and lack of base underneath. There were some sections plowed however glide was still possible. The nice thing about real "downtown" skis is that you don't take them off for any bare patches, salt, roads or snow piles.

After skiing up St. Patrick I went across Major's Hill Park where some of the nicest skiing and views were to be had (picture of Parliament Hill). I then skied up across Parliament Hill where an RCMP officer shouted out support for my mode of transport and a photographer took pictures of me as I passed by him.

However, at that time (to my utter dismay) as I stepped over a snow pile a ski broke under my foot. My old trusted Peltonen gave out!!! I did manage to ski the rest of the way to work getting many strange looks while skiing up Bank Street and down Slater.

I ran home but sure wish I had my skis for the last 3km of tough slogging along unplowed sidewalks. Time to look in the basement for a new pair of downtown skis.

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Beechwood Road and bike path.

St. Patrick sidewalk.

Major's Hill park. Imagine the peace tower and Parliament Hill in the background.

Beloved 25year old skis, broken.

When the radar looks like this and you can't see the house across the street, its a good day to ski to work.
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