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Downtown Ski Report #2
By:  Steven Paradine   (2008/12/10)

Steven Paradine, 2008-12-10 9:07:55
Starting Point: Hemlock and St. Laurent (Manor Park near Mountie Barracks) Grip/Glide Wax:25 year old Peltonen\'s with many years of natural stone, pebble and rock grinding. Trails Skied:Hemlock, Beechwood, Sussex, Wellington, Bank, Slater
With a transit strike and deep snow I pulled out the old planks to get to work today. The side streets were ungroomed and the best option was to use a car track, although the skis are close together. On Hemlock and Beechwood and St. Patrick the pathway was ideal city skiing previously plowed but with a moderate layer of snow on top - much easier to ski than running and faster than the cars. The intersections are a great test of agility to be able to hop over the snow banks. Downtown through the market was reasonable skiing, however the brown mushy snow is best to be avoided. Sussex and Wellington were plowed with a small layer of snow that still allowed a reasonable glide although the pole tips do not stick well into the stone underneath. With the temperature holding even it should be a good ski home too. The pathways were busier than ever with six other skiers out. Okay - two of them were my children :) Cheers,
Steven Paradine
Diehard skier

Steve accomplished the dream of skiing to work last year. Now we need the city to start grooming the bus lanes while OC Transpo is on strike.

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