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Canada Winter Games Cross-Country Skiing NOT on TV!
By:  Team XCOttawa   (2007/03/09)


Gavin Hamilton Canada Winter Games

Wouldn't it have been nice to watch the top young skiers from every province race? Maybe even live? Unfortunately the mainstream media choose daily curling and hockey coverage and very little else. If you get a chance please send both TSN and CBC an email regarding their lack of skiing coverage!

The note below from Gavin's sister explains how to catch a glimpse of the CWG races.


I just wanted to let you all know that Gavin was on TSN Sportscentre (for about 10 seconds) today!! He got silver in his 15km race yesterday! To find the video clip you can go to www.tsn.ca Choose the "broadband" link from the top menu bar, then in the menu on the right, choose the "news" link. The clip is called "Canada Games Report - Mar. 8" and starts off showing Team Nunavut's men's curling team. It's kind of hard to see Gavin, but he is shown at about 29 sec into the clip, they show a group of skiiers going around a corner, and he is in about 7th place, with the white tuque. Then they show the finish, and he is the one in the black and red suit, with the white tuque, in 2nd place - wearing bib #9.

Thought you might like to try and pick him out!

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