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Women's Daytime Nordic Ski Training
By:  Jo-Ann Holden   (2009/10/28)


Are you over 50? Do you enjoy skiing and have specific ski goals this Winter? Would you enjoy training with other women your age? Are you free to train Friday afternoons in Gatineau Park? Join us!

We are a group of 4 women who have been meeting regularly since September to train together. We'd love to have some more skiers in the group!

Our Dryland sessions consist of a thorough warm up, stretching, core strength, agility and balance, modest plyos, ski specific strength, technique work, intervals, hill work - in short, all the usual stuff. We grunt and groan a lot, and have two rules: we are allowed to talk only while we are in motion (or else we might never start!) and each person must decide whether a specific exercise is right for them - we each have our various aches and pains. That said, we get a pretty good workout in and we have fun training together rain or shine.

As soon as the snow arrives we will immediately switch to skiing and will be adding in a Monday afternoon session as well. Again, we will do all the "usual" things, including technique drills, video analysis and intervals. In addition, some of us will be doing heart rate training and informal monthly time trials. Did I mention technique drills?! Fridays will be primarily classic while the Mondays may be skating.

Who: Motivated women in their 50's or older, who already have some basic ski skills (nothing fancy, but no beginners).†

We are certainly not catering to elite skiers, however at least a basic level of aerobic fitness is necessary. The workouts can done at your own pace, but will involve running, jumping, hills, etc. In the Winter we will be skiing on a variety of trails including some of the more hilly ones in Gatineau Park and at Nakkertok.

When and Where: Dryland Fridays 1:00 - 3:00 in Gatineau Park.
On Snow Fridays and Mondays 1:00 - 3:00

Cost: Your commitment, energy and enthusiasm.
Applicable Winter Trail fees (Gatineau Park and Nakkertok)

For more information contact Jo-Ann Holden


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