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That's an Excellent Question: How to get kick wax or klister out of clothing.
By:  Team XC Ottawa   (2013/01/15)



As my husband returned our nordic skiis to the basement, the violet kickwax brushed on his brand new black merino sweater. Does anyone know how to safely remove this wax without ruining the sweater?


The internet offers this advice for candle wax removal..

- How to Remove Wax from Wool

Basically, cool the wax then chip it off before heating the remainer and absorbing it.  That technique could be used for glide waxes, but we all know klister and violet grip waxes are very different than candle wax or most other substances for that matter.  Perhaps if you froze it with liquid nitrogen..

So the answer is I don't know, but I'd like to just in case. I'm sure this has happened to many skiers, and perhaps there's a laundry expert (or chemist) among them that can help the rest of us out?

Let us know and we'll share the solution here.

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