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First Look: One Way Product Review
By:  Peter Beisel   (2013/02/09)


Some skiers have probably noticed the explosion in the use of One Way ski equipment this year, but may not know the full story on this up and coming brand. I have had the good fortune of trying out some of the new equipment and I have come to a few conclusions on it's race performance!

Originally it was racing poles which helped to springboard this Finnish company onto a competitive level with other big brands in Canada, but now the company supplies just about all the equipment skiers need to be competitive racers. Just check out the Canadian National team suits for the distinctive fluorescent yellow OW maple leaf, you'll see why this colour is becoming more popular among racers.

What a lot of people don't know about One Way is the wide variety of nordic gear they have now released including boots and skis! These are also mainly found in the fluorescent yellow and are definitely hard to miss!

The main features of the boots/binding are the use of the SNS pilot with the pivot point moved back a few millimitres and the carbon sole and cuff. Right now, these boots are manufactured with a Salomon sole and OW upper. This includes the super-rigid carbon cuff for skate skiing and both the skate and classic have a speed lacing system on the inside. The boots target a medium-wide width foot but come with spacers to fill the room if your feet are on the narrower side. I have found these boots really comfortable and quite good at staying dry because of the seam placement and the taped main zipper.

The skis are also a Salomon ski with the One Way "cap" graphic so they have a good history of being fast. They have the same Nomex and carbon construction and come in a Hard and Soft option. These skis have tested really well against my current Fischer and Salomon Skis in the snow types that I selected them for.

Besides skis and boots, One Way has released a number of other high end products such ski clothes, bags, carbon and aluminum rollerskis and shoes. Their sunglasses and visors have also been spotted at race events this winter!

If you're interested in checking out some of their product, come out to the One Way booth at races like Easterns at Nakkertok nordic and try some of the demo skis!!!!!!!!

Also, check out the full range at www.onewaysport.com

Thanks for Reading!

Check out those flashy boots, visible in the far lane, in my Open Mens Sprint Heat in Thunder Bay.

Eli Heyden-Thomas sporting the full One Way lineup of Skis, Boots and Visor.

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