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North Bay OUA Invitational: Carleton does it Again!
By:  Andre Marchand   (2012/01/27)

North Bay University Invitational:

Once again this year North Bay hosted a university invitational race weekend, which Carleton gladly attended as it has in the past. North Bay marks the first university race of the year for the Carleton Nordic Team. Time trials are great but there is nothing like putting on a race bid and really letting it rip!

The format of the weekend was an individual start 10km Skate on Saturday, and a mass start 9km Classic on Sunday... same race distances for both the men and women!!! So the guys definitely had to keep their foot on the gas, otherwise we would never hear the end of it if the girls got us!!! :)

And now, the weekend through pictures... 

The podium of the 10 km skate men's race Saturday.
1st)Lee Hawkings 2nd) Kyle Power 3rd) Peter Beisel

Carleton also took the 4th, 5th and 6th spots, Nansen Murray, Andre Marchand and Logan Potter respectively. Matt Brown and Devan Fair rounded out the Carleton team with a respectable 14th and 20th.

Now for the ladies, also having a great day in there 10 km Skate!

Ingrid Hagberg earned the top spot, followed closely by Kyla Vanderzwet... here we have them on the podium (3rd place was still out skiing).

 The rest of the team also having a strong showing, 5th) Kendra Murray 6th) Liza Rozina 7th) Holly Jones 11th) Monika Stoeger 17th) Kirsten Besemann 30th) Freya Wasteneys

Sundays mass start 10 km classic race had to be one of the funnest races I had done in a while! Where have all the short mass starts gone? Hopefully we get to do more fun races like this! 

The race was seeded with the skate results from Saturday, so there was a wall of us in the front! It was pretty sweet to start up there! Also notice the NEW SUITS!!! 


the guys anxious to get the race started... and this is how it ended up...

1st) Lee Hawkings 2nd) Peter Beisel 3rd) Nansen Murray

It was all decided in an epic sprint to the finish, so again, pretty exciting race!

Logan Potter narrowly took 4th over Kyle Power 5th, this was a good battle too apparently!
and then there's me in 8th, Matt Brown 17th, and Devan Fair in 19th. Another good day for the Carleton boys!

Though the sprint finish had the endorphin's pumping, and the testosterone flowing, everyone's friends after the race... 

And back to the races! The Carleton Girls awaiting the starters gun!

... and they rocked it!!!

Kendra Murray took the 1st spot, followed by Ingrid Hagberg in 2nd!

Kyla Vanderzwet 4th, Kirsten Besemenn 9th, Holly Jones 12th, Monika Stoeger 13th, and Liza Rozina 16th 

Complete Results at www.zone4.ca/

So that just about raps up the first OUA of the year! Hopefully some good things to come at the OUA finals in February!!! 

Keep the shiny side down

Andre M.

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