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Canmore Report 5
By:  Edward McCarthy   (2005/12/04)


A few short comments... Hardest course I've ever seen, we think John came up with the best wax job of the day.

Grip: Thin Vauhti green cover over layers of carrot over super binder all covered with moly gel.
Glide: Vauhti Speed graphite covered by speed green covered by moly gel.

We all avoided the big crash in the scramble zone, I'm running out of things to say, here are some pictures. Sorry, the guys went second, so there's only pictures of the guys.

Unofficial Top 20 Results of Women's 10 km Mass Start

Beckie Scott 32.28.1
Sara Renner 34.18
Milaine Theriault 35.23
Madeleine Williams 35.28 (Top U23)
Dasha Gaiazova 35.46
Chandra Crawford 36.16
Tasha Betcherman 36.20
Perianne Jones 36.25
Amanda Ammar 36.27 (Top Jr)
Tara Whitten 36.32
Shayla Swanson 36.59
Anna McLoon 37.32 (USA)
13. Megan McTavish 37.36
Sara Hewitt 38.01
Christine Bisson 38.13
Brooke Gosling 38.19
Jacqui Benson 38.40
Marcia Birkigt 38.43
Sophie Caldwell 38.50
Sarah Daitch 38.54

Full Official results on www.zone4.ca.

Unofficial Top 10 Results of Men's 15 km Mass Start

George Grey 42.52.3
Ivan Babikov 43.03.7
Drew Goldsack 43.35.3
Diego Ruiz 43.36.5 (SPA)
Dave Nighbor 44.10.9 (Top U23)
Chris Jeffries 44.11.5
Vicenc Vilarrubla 44.13.3 (SPA)
Dan Roycroft 44.37.6
Graham Nishikawa44.38
Stefan Kuhn 44.39
Adam Kates 44.56
Gord Jewett 45.04
Brent McMurtry 45.06 (Top Jr)
Ben Sim 45.29 (AUS)
Robin McKeever 45.37
Ben Koons 45.38 (USA)
17. Karl Saidla 46.01
Kit Richmond 46.04
Ben Derrick 46.10
Alex Harvey 46.18

Full Official results on www.zone4.ca

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