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2010 First Snowfall Contest Results!
By:  Team XC Ottawa   (2010/11/02)


Occasionally, like in 2007, the results of the First Snowfall Contest have been close. Sometimes the majority of entries are overly pessimistic and sometimes, like last season, everyone has been fooled and the latest guess wins. Some years there has been debated about the results and rules:

So it was nice that on Saturday, Oct. 30th 2010 at around 6pm when the snow started falling there was going to be a clear winner. Or was there?

Looking at the list of entries (at the time) it seemed like Matt Ladd had called the snowfall almost exactly with a >24hrs of cushion. But then Klaus Hoppner emailed to say we had forgotten to add his name to our the list. We checked the email trail and sure enough he was entered. He'd guessed 10pm on Oct. 30th! Oh, oh.

So we sent this to the video goal judge and after a lengthy debate the results are..

Grand Prize: Matthew Ladd

Prizes: 1 ski bag (Fresh Air Experience), 1 water belt (Fresh Air Experience), 1 pair of Roeckl gloves (Canadian Wintersports).

Runner Up Prize: Klaus Hoppner

- 1 ski bag (Fresh Air Experience)

Draw Prize Winners

Bob Kay: 1 water belt (Fresh Air Experience)

John Lewis: 1L container of Emend (Medion Corp)

Thanks to our sponsors; Fresh Air Experience, Canada Wintersports and Medion Corp. for the great prizes!

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