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Winterman Dec 31 is Almost Here....11th year in a row!
By:  Dev Paul   (2008/12/29)


Hello Friends,

We're almost at the end of the year....just enough time to cram in some more training to start off 2009 properly :-)

11 years ago my friend Paul Leroux and I started this training event called Winterman...basically run and XC ski. Over 11 years it has gone through a variety of course permutations largely driven by weather and snow conditions (too much, too little, too much ice etc etc). Bottom line is we have always done a big day of training with part of it being running the other part some sport on frozen snow, usually cross country skiing. But there was 2003, when everything was frozen over from an ice storm, so we all packed our skis and clip on blades, decided to bail on the ski and ended up speedskating across Meech Lake, back and forth for 40K till our backs crumbled, with the sound of cracking ice behind ice (full story if you show up this year).

Winterman is not just for those of us who ski. You can do any forms of XC skiing (skate or classic) or go for a snowshoe run while the others ski.

Run (~10-17K) 7:30 am

Please note that you are welcome to just show up for the run and then scoot off to work if you don't have the day off (just run fast) :-)

The run goes from P8, back to Old Chelsea, turn right at the first intersection and then turn left on Notch Road and proceed to the Notch Road overpass and turn around...for 10K return to P8 for 17k...return to Kingsmere Road, turn left and run up to P7 for the second turnaround and head back to P8...you need to get back and be on skis by 9:10 am, so if you can't make it to P7 and back in time (reasonably tough to do, as you'll pretty well have to average 5 min per K on a very hilly course), then feel free to turn back early so you can get back for the ski...you are also more than welcome to run less if you want to...Finally, those that just want to run are welcome...I do know that there is a group of people running+snowshoeing, so feel free to throw in your snowshoes and synch up with that group.

Total run elevation gain ~ 1000 ft

XC ski 20-50K 9:10 am (or snowshoe your own loop)

Skate or Classic

XC ski route is from P8 up Penguin on trail 1 (starts with >20 min of uphill climbing) to Gossip Corner...for 20K, you turn left at Fortune Parkway, left at Champlain Parkway and left on Gatineau Parkway and return to P8...for 25K you keep going straight at Gossip Corner and proceed to Champlain lookout and return to Gossip corner and take the parkway back (as described above). For 40K do two loops of the 20K loop and for 50K, do 2 loops of the 25K loop (you don't return to P8 between loops, just to the base of Penguin Hill).

No timing, no awards, no enty fee, no aid stations (self supported)....you just have to pay for your Gatineau Park Day pass and run and ski as long and as hard as you want with like minded people.

Total Ski elevation gain ~ 3000 ft.

Lunch ~1:15 PM

All you can eat Indian food at Haveli Restaurant on Clarence in the market (let me know if you plan to attend so that I can make a reservation)...pay for your own food/alcohol

Why did you send me this if I don't even live near Ottawa?

For those of you who are out of town, the reason why I put you on this email is cause you can start a Winterman event of your own, by gathering up your buddies and making your own even happen....if you don't have snow, why not run and MTB or something else fun like that :-). Last year, Tom Evans organized one at Apex Mtn outside Penticton and of course, we will now lay claim that the IM Couer D'Alene and Ironman Florida victories could have not happened without this critical day of training :-)

OK guys, Happy New Year....may 2009 bring you a year of fitness, good health, no injuries, no crashes or encounters with cars and the ability to get up daily and do whatever training you do....race day success will fall out of that.

See you on the Dec 31st...Happy New Year!


PS. Please invite any of your friends who I missed...as usual for Winterman, mother nature HAS to get in the way....start temp is predicted to be -18C in Ottawa, so -20C up in Old Chelsea....dress well.

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