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Trail Clearing at Nakkertok North
By:  Liza Rozina   (2014/11/12)


As part of our partnership with Nakkertok, Logan, Kyla, Ingrid, Mark and I helped out with trail clearing at Nakkertok North on November 1st. We were joined bySharon Rajack,Mark's mom, a wonderful addition to our trail clearing team.

This year, we all helped out bywidening trail 15. Here are a few pictures of the events that transpired:

Post-trail clearing: The trails became much wider after we were done with them.

Me bringing overalls back.

Mark's mom and Nakkertok volunteer, John Stephenson, making the trails better for the winter.

Sometimes, we had to getcreative to get some of the peskier branches. Logan and I are getting creative here.

At one point, we even got to cross a beaver dam to finish our work. Here'sLogan stepping over the logs. Unfortunately, the beavers were too shy to come out to take selfies with us.

Logan looking pretty stoked about crossing the beaver dam.

A huge thank you to Nakkertok for all their support and wonderful facilities! Hope to see you all on the trails at Nakktertok this winter!

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