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What are you up to this fall?
By:  Riel Allain   (2013/09/08)


Orienteering is back!

Now, I know what you are thinking: "this is a ski website, why would I want to know this, I don't care!?!?"But before you click the back button on your browser, just take 30 seconds to read the following.

Fall is here, and many of you will be putting your road bikes away. You don't want to lose your fitness before the winter. So what do you do? Go orienteering Sunday mornings! Now, the best part of Sunday morning orienteering is that it starts at 10:30, so you have tons of time to do Sunday morning stuff (like sleeping or going to the bakery). Every Sunday event is at a different location and you also get free cookies afterwards... so there is that.

You are still probably thinking: "I don't even know how to use a compass, let alone find stuff in the woods using it!!". No worries, your saviour is here! At this year's O-fest (21-22 Sept at Lac-Phillipe), there will be a beginners clinic and I will be there as well. But you can't just show up, you need to sign up first (ottawaofest.ca). There will also be games and funtivities for orienteerers (like maze-o and micro-o, maze-o is really fun), and there will also be the normal events for orienteerers (competitive and recreational or beginner).

If you can't make it out to that, well that's ok, because there are many more events this fall. From October 6th to Nov 10th there are six more events! WOW! I know, pretty sweet. The best part is the Rogaine, on the 26th of October at Camp Fortune. If you are looking to do an 8 hr epic adventure race, well this is for you. Plus, this event won't break the bank (40$ before Sept. 25th or 50$ after and includes a meal). You could also see Steffan Lloyd, Mike Vieira and I, but we will be doing the 4 hr event (Stefan and John said something about 8 hours being too long and too close to race season... Needless to say I didn't understand what they were on about). There is also a 2 hr event, but seriously, who is going to do that.

Anyway, all the info you need is at: ottawaoc.ca

I hope I will see some of you out there!

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