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Chuck Norris Skiing
By:  Peter Beisel   (2012/08/07)

This week on my summer visit to my home town Owen Sound Ontario, I had a chance to visit the new YMCA recreation center that was just built there so I could keep up on my strength training. Amongst a myriad of exciting training equipment, I found the "Total Gym" which I soon learned is the signature training machine for action hero Chuck Norris.
If you havent heard of Chuck Norris I wouldn't bother reading the rest of this article but if you have, try checking out: Gravity: Chuck Norris and watch the video at the bottom for the infomercial.
I thought it would be pretty entertaining to try a free class at the YMCA and report back on the (perhaps not-so) common skier exercises in case you come across one of these machines in a gym near you!

The Total Gym is basically shaped like a roller board with more adjustability and a number of different handles for pulling your body up and down the glide ramp.

Peter adjusting the difficulty...

Here are a handful of the possible exercises that a skiier might find useful:

Admittedly this workout didn't include all of the exercises important for skiing but it was an easy way for me to diversify my strength routine and maybe work on some muscles that I don't usually hit with my regular routine. I found this workout to allow a great range of movement and was relatively low impact, however, it is more difficult to isolate muscle groups and it is limited by your body weight so there isn't a lot of room for improvement once you have the board set to the maximum angle.

But,† if you want to look like Chuck Norris and kick some bad guy butt, this is the workout machine for you!

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