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Racing Highlights 2012
By:  Liza Rozina   (2012/10/19)

2012-10-27 Lee Hawkings (28:16.0), Logan Potter (28:23.0) Kyle Power (29:58.0), Katie McMahon 2nd  (43:04.0) and alumni Vesta Mather 1st  (40:17.0), finished the Sport 6k race at 5 Peaks, the ARK. 

2012-10-21 XCOttawa was very well represented at the Jim Howe Memorial Run at Hornet's Nest.
Megan MacTavish finished the 5.5k race in 23.12, which placed her first in her age category. Full results for the 5.5k are here.
Liza Rozina and Ingrid Hagberg represented the women's side in the 11k, finishing in 47:07 and 49:49 respectively, and 2nd and 3rd women overall.
Matthias Purdon, Peter Beisel and Aaron Barter ran the 11k in 39:58, 40:31 and 40:48, which resulted in a streak of 2nd, 3rd and 4th placings respectively, in their age group category.
Karl Saidla was the top overall finisher, just like the past 2 years, with an impressive time of 38:04. Full results for the 11k can be found here.

2012-10-08 Looks like Megan and Karl might have picked up some great vibes from Sheila, they won top men and women, respectively,  at the Chelsea Challenge 5km. Full results can be found here. It was a very successful racing weekend for XCOttawa!

2012-10-07 Sheila Kealey ran in the Fall Colours 5km and won the women's race. It was a cool but beautiful morning! Full results are here.

2012-09-15 A small cohort of XCOttawa skiers, including: Kyla Vanderzwet, Ingrid Hagberg, and Liza Rozina, and fellow teammate Holly Jones of the Carleton University Team, headed to Lake Placid to Climb the Castle. Liza finished 11th with a time of 57:30, with Kyla very close behind, with a time of 57:42. Ingrid placed 16th with a time of 1:00:17 and Holly wasn't far behind with a placing of 22nd and a time of 1:03:42. Check out the results here.

2012-09-01 - After a 2-year break, Sheila finally raced a triathlon, and it was a success! She won the women's category (& 11th overall) at the Canadian Sprint Triathlon (750m swim; 30k bike; 5k run) on XC Ottawa's summer dryland training turf at Mooney's Bay (seemed easy with no tires, ski poles, or hills involved!).

2012-08-16 Here is a picture of Megan wearing her Fresh Air clothes after a pretty successful O.B.C. (Ottawa Bicycle Club) time trial. Megan did her best time ever for the OBC 15k course. Karl Saidla raced too (but relatively speaking...he just wasn't as fast as her).

The OBC 15k time trials are a great local series-fun, inexpensive, and very competitive. The results for the one they did are here. Megan was 6th woman overall.

2012-08-05 The Klister Sisters aka, Ingrid Hagberg, and her sister Audrey finished a team triathlon in the 29th Annual Deep River Triathlon. Audrey biked, and Ingrid swam and ran. They placed 3rd, only beaten by all-male teams, and won zip-lining gift certificates! Even though their team name was Klister Sisters, no klister was (thankfully) involved.


2012-07-25 - Karl Saidla participated in the Ottawa Lions Twilight Track and Field Meet. He ran the 800 metres in 2:06:54, which placed him 12th overall. According to Karl, it's been a long time since he's been in a track meet, and even longer since he ran an 800m. Turned out it was fun. This is a great series and you will definitely get your full 10 dollars worth of value.This is a great local event with lots of tradition. Well organized, great course, fun atmosphere, good cause.

2012-07-22 - Ed McCarthy (XC Ottawa Alumni), has been running - and fast!

He just  finished with an impressive 4th (3rd Canadian) at the  North America, Central America and Caribbean mountain running championships. Check out the article about the race!

He's also run a pretty swift 10k and marathon this spring.

2012-07-07 - XCOttawa was well represented at the Mike Collingwood Meech Lake Triathlon. Peter Beisel completed his first tri ever and finished in 1:29:39 which was 5th in his category and 5th overall, and Karl Saidla was 4th overall. This is a great local event with lots of tradition. Well organized, great course, fun atmosphere, good cause. Next year is 30th anniversary...so it is recommended that you show up!

2012-05-27 -  XCOttawa had a great day at the Ottawa Race Weekend Half Marathon. Peter Beisel completed his first-ever half-marathon in only 1:23.27, finishing 8th in his category and 44th overall. Karl Saidla was 8th overall with a time of 1:16:47, click here for pictures! Even after finishing with a time of 1:40:53.0, and looking great in these pictures, Megan McTavish isn't convinced that she likes half marathons yet. It's still fun to be out there with those other 40 000 runners (or whatever the right number is) on Race Weekend.

2012-05-05 - Karl Saidla ran the Wakefield Covered Bridge Run. He remarked that "Running through the covered bridge full speed and along the Gatineau river on sunny spring day is hard to beat for a running race. Too bad I turned around early and got justifiably disqualified. So much fun though..full marks from me. This picture says it all!  Megan McTavish on the other hand, didn't turn around too early so she finished the race without disqualification.  Megan was 2nd woman and 6th overall. Check out her pictures here.

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