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Gatineau Loppet Wax Service - Deadline Thursday at 6pm -
By:  Matthias Purdon   (2012/02/16)


I am offering ski waxing service for Gatineau Loppet racers who want a fast, XC Ottawa recommended, Vauhti wax job but may not have the time or equipment to get it done on their own. World cup skiers and weekend enthusiast alike testify that an excellent wax job has a dramatic positive effect on ski glide and overall speed. Looking for fast skis for the loppet? I have extensive race waxing experience and can help you out.

Three "levels" of service (fast, faster, and fastest) will be offered to suit any level of racer; from those looking for a simple performance boost to their skis, to a full bore high-fluro wax and pure-fluro topper job that offers uncompromised ski performance. For general guidelines on what the “levels” of waxing are see this XCOttawa Gatineau Loppet recommendation from 2010 (http://www.xcottawa.ca/articles.php?id=2022).

Testing most often reveals more expensive high performance “fluro” waxes outperforming less expensive “Hydrocarbon” waxes. Furthermore, a higher-level wax job will involve more steps and layers for the very best glide possible over the length of the course. All waxes for every level will be selected using XC Ottawa’s expert recommendations, which are based on on-snow testing after analysis of the forecasted conditions for race day. Having said this the outline I give below of what a “fast, faster, and fastest” job might look like is subject to change depending on the recommendations for the day. I will use only top-quality Vauhti brand waxes.


I will be waxing glide for both skate and classic skis. (Base binder or klister binder 5 dollars extra with wax job, 10 without).

Here are the different “levels” and respective price points:



1 Base layer of Hydrocarbon wax, plus 1 layer of low-fluro wax, added structure (if needed) - $30


1-2 base layer(s) of Low-fluro Wax, plus 1 layer of high-fluro wax, added structure (if needed) - $45


1 base prep layer, 1 Base layer of Low-fluro Wax, second layer of high-fluro wax, pure-fluro topper, added structure (if needed) - $80


Logistics: If interested please contact Matthias Purdon at purdon.matthias@gmail.com or call at 613-293-6423. Pick up and drop off service within Ottawa can be arranged at an extra cost of 15 dollars per customer. 


Space is limited and the deadline to get skis to me will be this Thursday at 6pm.


Hurry and you can leave the prep work to me and have wicked fast skis!

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