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Season of David - Part V
By:  David Zylberberg   (2003/05/27)


The followingis the first in a series of weekly articles by the "infamous" David Zylberberg, one of the original members of XC Ottawa. He is the writer of numerous amusing and sometimes controversial articles which have been the subject of much discussion within the Canadian cross-country racing community over the last 8 months. While David does not possess an advanced degree in physiology or sports science, hopefully the articles will be the source of much entertainment while you are putting off work, school, or chores. David's articles will be candid and will not be censored by the editors of XC Ottawa. (At least not usually) Please address your comments and questions directly to David.

It is the time of year in which the weather is starting to get warm, the days long and the May long weekend done. Therefore, summer has begun and it is time to switch the emphasis in training. By now, people should have readjusted to the training routine and are ready to commence normal summer training. This is around the time of year when rollerskiing should commence for high-level skiers as well as the introduction of other specific training methods. Summer training generally emphasizes endurance and the development of an aerobic base through many hours of very easy training (Zone 1). Summer training is the time of year in which training volume is the highest, though this will build up over the 2-3 months so June should be a fairly high volume month but not the highest of the year. It is important when doing this kind of training to remain conscious of good technique and doing every workout well. Despite the increased volume and low intensity, workouts are still being done in order to produce improvements and the beneficial aspects should be maximized. This often involves concentration and thinking through before the workout how best to execute it (this only takes 2 minutes). Other ways to maximize improvements include adding a few short sprints in distance workouts or spending some of the time skating without poles or double poling (this is only for rollerskiing).

Most people generally do some kind of higher intensity workout around once/week with either Zone 3(sort of hard, 50km race pace) intervals or else very fast and short intervals. This is not the time of year for the hardest intensity (so no long, hard intervals) but one lighter session/week is good to maintain speed and work on the higher intensity systems without compromising the distance training. As part of this, the other day I went to the track and ran 5 300m repeats as hard as I could with a lot of recovery in between. This is a workout my coach (Pavol Skvaridlo) recommended an helps to improve leg speed and general high end fitness. This is the earliest I have done intervals since I started prioritizing my life to skiing and began a year-round ski-training program.

I hope you all have productive and enjoyable weeks and are able to enjoy the beginning of summer and the chance to do a lot of activities.

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