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Training Log - A Fine Balance.
By:  Adele Lay   (2008/11/03)

Skiing with two teams can be overwhelming. Luckily the Carleton Varsity Ski Team and XC Ottawa Team get along very well. When I was considering coming to Carleton and skiing with XC Ottawa as well, I was worried about how to balance two teams, numerous coaches, two different training schedules, various group practices and different sets of team-mates. But everyone involved in both teams tries to make the connection and distinction work as best as possible. As it turns out, I feel very lucky to have so much input from coaches and various opinions and ideas to work with.

There’s never a shortage of feedback at practice or on ILog; I am very well looked after! Also, with four group practices a week (three with XC Ottawa and one with Carleton) I can manage to fit in most of my intensity and hard training so that the workouts I do alone are very enjoyable.

Here’s what a typical week might look like:

Monday: Rest Day
Tuesday: AM- XC Ottawa practice in the Gatineau, long ski striding interval session.
Wednesday: Train on own, rollerski on the canal and gym strength.
Thursday: AM- Carleton practice, Zone 1 run, ski stride sprints, plyos and gym strength.
Friday: Train on own, long road ride to Gatineau.
Saturday: AM- XC Ottawa practice in the Gatineau, rollerski intervals or time trial.
Sunday: AM- XC Ottawa practice in the Gatineau, rollerski sprints and distance.

The XC Ottawa-Carleton duo is an ideal match up for student-ski-racers in Ottawa!

John Suuronen
XC Ottawa coach John Suuronen

Langstone and Moxley
Carleton coaches Don Moxley and John Langstone, Photo: Jo-Ann Holden

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