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John Suuronen

John, our excellent coach patiently guides us through the ups and downs of cross country skiing and life! He is superb at giving us a kind push when needed. John is a Vauhti connoisseur and our skis never fail to be quick. John has skied in many races, and run many marathons, with some pretty whippet-fast times. He is a well-known coach in the Ottawa and Canadian coaching scene. Recently, he showed our team who was boss by beating us at a highly competitive XC Ottawa coquette match. He is also famous for doing clap pushups and the jump skate better than many of his athletes!

Apart from the team activities, he is the grandfather of four who are "full of beans" and are sure to be future members of XC Ottawa. John's passion for skiing and his dedication to coaching are examples for all of us and he's just a really easy guy to get along with, which makes training, racing and traveling with him an absolute blast. Thanks John - we can never thank you enough!

HometownAnjalankoski, Finland
Personal Sponsors:Vauhti, Elpex, Finnwool, Rex
Best Results: 2:36 marathon
1980's Nakkerloppet Champion
coach of several school, provincial, and club teams since 1984.
Performance Goals: Get the team to a gold medal in the National Championships relay!
Other Pursuits:Representing Vauhti ski waxes

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