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Athlete Diary - Andrew's week of training
By:  Andrew Wynd   (2007/11/22)


My entire training season is focussed around the early season races in the West and hence I am trying to peak for these events. Therefore my training log will reflect trying to ski as fast as possible in the first two weeks of December.

Monday November 12th

  • am - no training

  • pm - no training

Rest day. Tried to sleep in but too much going through my head these days. Got up, ran some errands, tried to relax after a big weekend of skiing at Foret Montmorency. Voted (mandatory for the Australian elections), etc.

Sore in the muscles from both classic sprints and skating time trial.

Tuesday 13th

  • am - 1:30 penguin uphill bounding intervals 1 minute on, 3 off. x 8. Tough, but manageable due to the extra rest. We have been doing these 1 min on, then 2 off, so this felt way easier, but still was painful about 1/2 way through. Went as far or further than last week, a positive sign. Kept up with Karl for the most part, which is always hard on these mornings.

  • pm - work, rest, packing

Wednesday 14th

  • am - 1hr Double Pole with sprints every 10 mins, for 10 seconds duration. Flat terrain. Felt good, sharp, snappy and strong Spent the rest of the morning changing flights, changing training plan and trying to come to terms with the postponement of the Canmore Races. My entire training season was in place to qualify for the World Cup at these races. This postonement means I will not be able to race World Cup this season. I feel cheated and am somewhat furious.

  • pm - work, no training. This was supposed to be my last session before flying out west. Not anymore......

Thursday 15th

  • am - easy run, 20 mins. Legs felt sore still from last weekend's skiing.

  • pm - worked late til 8pm as I am finishing up my job.

Friday 16th

  • am - 0:45 gym session early. Threw in some plyometric ex's to attempt to keep some power going, but I have started to lose a little strength and power. Guess that is the trade off for being lighter and better top end fitness uphills? Was a general strength session, max., meaning chin ups, dips, (with weight) leg press, 2 x sets, < 5 reps. This session is designed to not make me sore and works on neural adaptation to maintain maximum strength and power.

    Then a 2.5 hr rollerski easy in the park. Perhaps the worst session of the year. Cold, windy, snow flurries. I felt like crap, sore in the muscles, tired and the rollerskis felt like lead weights. This session was supposed to delay my peaking phase by a week, but the extra distance took its toll today.

  • pm - no training, rest. Nap for 1 hr. Feeling really exhausted for some reason.

Saturday 17th

  • am - 0:20 Zone 4 intervals, 1:20 easy distance/warm up etc. 4 mins on:4 mins off, x 3. Felt crappy today, just not snappy, quick, and HR's were just not spot on today. ? Maybe from yesteray being such a long day?

    Definitely need to watch carefully for signs of illness or tiredness.

  • pm - nap, no training. Rest

Sunday 18th

  • RHR 46/48

  • am - 0:20 sprints, classic. 1:50 easy distance. Felt great this morning, everything felt easy, sharp fast. Great session, double poling really well, heart rates bang on and feeling ready to race.

  • pm - 0:45 nap, rested, stretching.

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