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New Developments for a Ski Team at the University of Ottawa
By:  uOttawa Nordiq   (2017/08/02)


Many cross country skiers stop skiing after high school. Keeping athletes involved in sport through the University years has tremendous and far-reaching benefits.

For over a decade, uOttawa students, including several XC Ottawa athletes, have rallied for a varsity ski team at uOttawa.

uOttawa is currently revising its High Performance Sport Model, and uOttawa Nordiq has put together a program to bid for Varsity Club status.

You can find all the details about the program on uOttawa Nordiq's new website.

Regardless of University status, athletes who want to keep competing while studying at uOttawa will have access to a team that has coachingand a comprehensive training program.


Community Support

At this point, though uOttawa Nordiqhas a comprehensive program and motivated athletes who want to keep skiing through their university years, they have no funding from uOttawa and are still looking for support.

uOttawa athletes are grateful for the assistance of local ski community volunteers for their help in coaching and coordinating. The team has a strong coaching roster but may need more help.
Also, they will likely need help with waxing/ski preparation at key races, so if you can help with that, please let the team know!

If you are interested in helping out, please contact uOttawaNordiq@gmail.com.

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